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TV's Power Inverter

The (PI-3000) 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter is a powerful 24.25 amps back up power supply. With the use of a 12 volt direct current battery source you can convert power into 120 volt standard household current. With 3000 watt power you can power all types of microwaves and many air conditioner systems up to 8000btu of power. This DC to AC power inverter includes 3 standard outlets and digital monitoring system which allows you to view the battery voltage levels and wattage load applies.
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The Royal Power 6000 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter is a large 50 amp complete home backup. The PI-6000 dc to ac power inverter includes hardwire kit option which allows you to wire the power inverter direct into your home system. By connecting to a 12 volt battery system you can then power your standard household electronics. With 6000 watts of power you can power all types of power tools, large compressors, and large heating and cooling system. This unit also includes digital LED wattage-voltage meter which helps level monitoring.
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This complete home UPS includes intelligent 20 amp charger and automatic transfer which. By simply connect the dc cables to and 12 volt direct current power source and plugging the ac charger cord into any home outlet you with now have a 2000 watt home ups setup. This inverter is specially designed to be used as an emergency home back up for submergible water pumps in the event of a power outage. The inverters built in charge will charge your batteries to complete charge and then go into a float mode with no concern of overcharging. The inverter will self detect loss of utility power and then switch to battery backup during and outage and switch back to utility power once home current is restored.
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The 3000 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter with 20 amp charger and automatic transfer switch provides 24.25 amps home backup power. This unit connects direct to a 12 volt battery and uses that direct current to power your home electronics in the case of a power loss. The inverter will auto detect a loss in home power and switch to battery power, once power is restored the units built in charge will the begin recharging the battery bank until complete charge is restored. The power inverters 4 outlets will remained powered when utility power is available but will then be powered by your home current.

This 50 amp complete home backup includes hardwire options for charging and auto transfer options. The unit can provide 50 amps of AC power through its 6 standard outlets. This unit also includes a 50 amp charger and automatic transfer switch, unlike the PIC-2000 and PIC-3000 this unit requires the charger to by hardwired into your main breaker. The 50 amps of current is simple to powerful to be plugged into a standard 15 to 30 amps wall outlet. This large power inverter can function a true complete home ups with 6000 watts of load capability your home can remain operational during power losses.
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This Royal Power 3000 watt 24 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter takes direct current from a 24 volt system and converts it into 120 volt alternating current. This unit can handle up to 24.25 amps of 120 volt current. With 3000 watts of ac current a large range of power tools and construction equipment can be used. From power drills, circular saws, large water pump and full size heating and cooling systems will run well with this power inverter. This dc to ac power inverter also includes digital wattage and voltage monitoring and that wireless remote.

MPPT60 60A solar controller applied to the solar photovoltaic system which is used to coordinate solar panels, storage battery and load.