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DCACPower.com first began distributing DC to AC power inverter in 2002. We offer direct current to alternating current power solutions for off grid and home backups. We have always strived to refine our products to remain on the cutting edge of technology and offer our customer the best and most efficient equipment.

We offer a full assortment of DC to AC power inverters. Our power inverters are made to take direct current from a 12 volt or 24 volt source and invert it into standard single phase north american alternating current. You can then use the 110 volt to 120 volt output current to run all of your standard household electronics and appliances.

Because we offer a full range of both 12 volt and 24 volt power inverters you can setup your battery bank with many different types of batteries. You can use 6 volt golf cart batteries or 12 volt car, truck or marine batteries in your system. Please take a look at battery wiring diagram on our inverter guide page to properly setup your battery bank. You can then setup your system to last as long as required by incorporating the correct amount of amp/hours in your system. Amp/hours or AH will be displayed on all batteries and we also offer a complete table of AH versus AC load to determine operating time.

Modified sine wave DC to AC power inverters can be used to run most standard home electronics. For example microwaves, coffee machines, toaster ovens, televisions, lights, sump pumps, etc.. For more sensitive delicate equipment a pure sine power inverter may be required due to the harmonic distortion levels. We also have developed a line of DC to AC power inverters with a built in battery charger and automatic transfer switch, allowing you to setup a home UPS that will allow to keep AC power seamlessly flowing to your devices in the event of a utility power loss.

We have a full staff of professional technicians that are here to help you chose the right power inverter for your system. Please feel free to contact one of them, they will not only assist you with your DC to AC power inverter selection but can also help you with your solar power system setups and battery bank requirements. DCACPower.com is your source for all off grid and backup power system needs, let us help you to never have to worry about losing power again.